Review For June Oven


June Oven-Silicon Valley-style smart oven innovation

Innovation: Built-in HD camera, food recognition, context-sensitive recipe suggestions.

June smart oven, built-in high-definition camera, can identify many types and sizes of food in the oven, and then cook at the right temperature and time, such as pizza, bacon, steak, biscuit dough, toast, vegetables, etc.

June oven has a special food scale, which can determine the size and weight of the food to set the cooking time. For example, if you put in a steak, June can first recognize that it is a steak, and then set the cooking time and temperature according to its volume and weight.

The oven has a temperature probe needle that can be inserted into the food to be cooked to obtain the temperature of the food for accurate baking.

June is equipped with a mobile app that can monitor the cooking process of food. There are a large number of baking menus in the app for users to choose, and they can also accurately bake according to the recipe parameters.