Review For Sony A9g, Oled Smart TV


Sony A9G has been the focus of media and TV users since its debut at the beginning of CES. Today we will fully show the details of the Sony A9G.

Hardware description
Sony A9G is equipped with Android 8.0 system, intelligent AI function, Tencent video, Dangbei market.
The operating memory is 3G, the storage memory is 16G (about half of the storage memory is occupied by the system), and the HDMI version is all 2.0.

Sony A9G uses Sony’s fourth-generation screen sound technology, supporting Dolby Atmos, Dolby sound, and more.

On the left and right sides of the Sony A9G are two subwoofers each with a power of 10 watts.
Through Sony DSP technology, a sound system with a total power of 60W and a channel of 2.2 channels is formed on the A9G.
The Sony A9G also has a center speaker mode that connects the TV to a home theater system as a high-quality center speaker.

Color gamut diagram
There are brightness test values in the video. If you pay attention to the brightness, you can continue to watch the video.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

data analysis:
Color gamut diagram: DCI-P3 94.5%
White balance dE: 4.25
Color dE: 2.38
Gamma: 2.11
Color temperature: 6076 K.
Picture Mode: Custom
Color temperature setting: Expert 1
Gamma setting: 0

3. Out of the box appearance
The Sony A9G case is approximately 157 cm long and 95 cm wide.
When the buckle of the packing box is removed, the outer box is gently lifted to see that the entire TV is tightly wrapped in protective foam, and the accessories are also in the foam interlayer.
After removing the protective foam and all accessories, the A9G will be installed on the base. On the base, this time the A9G uses an oval base.
After opening the accessory box and opening the installation manual, it can be clearly found that the accessories of the base mainly include a base tray and two metal fasteners.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

The fastener is directional, with the right angle facing the side of the smooth bottom, and then the screw can be tightened.

After fixing the base separately, you can lift the 65A9G display from the base of the box. Align the two holes on the bottom of the TV with the base fasteners, and slowly place the TV on the base. Tighten the four screws and the TV is installed. A9G is equipped with a total of five covers. After all the installation, the back of the A9G is neat and square, with a simple square grid pattern.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

Sony A9G is equipped with 4 HDMI 2.0 interfaces, 3 USB interfaces, 1 optical fiber interface, and component interface, network cable interface, audio interface, etc. All devices using HDMI can be easily connected to Sony A9G.
The biggest change in the appearance of the Sony A9G is the use of an oval base. The thinnest part of the body is 6 mm. Last year, the LED flagship model Z9F was 2.3 cm.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

The remote control used the silver metal frame for the first time on the A9G. Intelligent AI voice, control TV, search content, get information, press the voice button of the remote control to speak.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

The appearance is always the simple style of SONY. The appearance is good or not. I like this, but the details are still delicate.

4. 4K-Dolby Vision
In variant 5, the performance of Dolby Vision is almost the same as last year’s A8F, with the same taste. A lot of fine textures and color levels in the image are perfect. Especially chapter 17, the texture, color and color scale of the ground and the Transformers are stunning.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

In the Justice League, the color is slightly different from the A8F, and the Justice League color management has become less eye-catching than the A8F. The color can be seen to control a lot of inaccuracies, but occasionally it appears that the color burst is not as obvious as A8F. The color gradation is roughly the same, but in terms of color management, A9G will appear closer to the original source screenshot.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

There have been rumors that the A9G’s color explosiveness is not as good as the year C9P. To be honest, the actual performance is completely different. First of all, A9G is not the color fade, but the color management is more accurate. In simple terms, it should be faded, it will be bright, and it will display a very bright image. Here is an excerpt from the screen shot of Neptune, which has a certain explosive color.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

In summary, Dolby Vision’s performance in A9G is equally top. The very complicated color gradation transition on the armor scales in the last picture of the screen shot is really not something that ordinary machines can do. Think about this kind of color gradation transition on most of the A9G film sources, so you can probably understand?

In terms of display precision and fineness, A9G is also very perfect.
Even if you look at Dolby Vision at a distance of 30cm, you will not find any defects in the image, and the precision is comparable to the display accuracy of the monitor.
In terms of the texture that reflects the authenticity of the object, although A9G has a certain digital taste, it can be seen that efforts have been made to restore as much as possible.
The texture and the style of the plasma are different, stronger than all home televisions except plasma, but still inferior to the level of plasma that is close to the real environment texture effect.

The problem under Dolby Vision is also a common problem of all SONY TV models under Dolby Vision, that is, the brightness will be slightly darker.
But it has no effect at night. It is not as amazing as it is at night.

5. 4K-HDR

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

Under ordinary 4K HDR, although there is no unique color system like Dolby Vision, the brightness will be relatively higher than in Dolby Vision.
The peak value of highlights is maintained at about 650NIT, but it is not enough to reach the level of bright light.
The fineness is still very delicate, but the details will be seen relatively less explosive than Dolby’s horizon.
The sense of separation of the light source in HDR is much better than LED, and the scattering trajectory of the light source can be clearly seen.
The transition between the bright and dark fields appears very natural, and there will not be any gray or contrasting places.
However, in some scenes, there will still be dead black in the image, and the grayscale processing has not reached the extreme. It is gratifying that A9G is slowly leaning towards its own old plasma style in the color performance of 4K HDR film sources.

And the effect more like LCD color in the past has moved towards the color performance that self-luminous display should have.

Although the effect of own old plasma has not been achieved, this bias has already begun.
I think it’s a good thing. It’s not good, but in the picture below, you can actually see the difference from the LED.

Dynamic sharpness is not particularly good, too fast moving images will still appear blurry.
The sharpness is moderate, it will not be too sharp and it will not look clear, but I think this will be a bit disadvantageous in the offline experience.
The gradation transition and the richness of the gradation still have a very high level of graying. Many times the subtle gradation transition will make you feel amazing and shocking.

The color temperature and color management are stronger than A1 / A8F / A9F. It is also these three years that SONY has the best OLED color management level.
The overall performance of 4K HDR will appear more peaceful, it will behave more like a PC monitor, but MSG does not add much.
However, there will be a lot of top performances in the processing of texture and color gradation. Will it stimulate your eyes?
In this regard, A9G has been regarded as one of the few products with acceptable picture quality in recent years.

In terms of sharpness, it won’t be too clear and sharp, so in fact, it is not very good to look at a very long distance. To see the best results, you should treat it as 55 inches.

6. 1080P, 720P, network video
1080P Guardians of the Galaxy. Note that the screen shot here is not the Blu-ray version, but the downloaded RIP version. The bit rate is much smaller.
A good film source on A9G will not be any different from 4K even if 1080P. It is full of details and looks close to 4K.
Touching or delicate is still very fine. Generally speaking, 4K TVs will have some defects in 1080P. A9G is well optimized in this regard.
In places where colors will overflow last year, as shown in the figure above, the whole film will not be seen at all this year.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

1080P Blu-ray version of Captain Marvel, which is completely inferior to the existence of 4K, very fine.
I selected two sets of screen shots under natural light. Here I can say that in fact, looking at ordinary film sources, the A9G will not feel the brightness is low.
And here is a bit like the color temperature and color performance of a monitor display.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

Under 720P, the coarseness of the image can be seen, and the fineness has declined, but in some movies with good source, it still looks more delicate.

When playing network streaming videos, you can see that the colors are accurate. Although the film source itself has a microdermabrasion effect, the A9G has also optimized the picture quality.
The shine of the character’s face can be shown, and the sweat beads on the face can be clearly seen on the hair, and the overall feel is very comfortable.
The above-mentioned several resolution film sources perform well on A9G. It is worth mentioning that the accurate management of color will be realized when watching many film sources. The advantages of A9G image quality can be seen in low-resolution film sources. In fact, it can be seen from the 720 screen shooting that the color gradation is still very rich.

7. PS4 games
PS4 games, almost all of them on the A9G are amazingly fine, and there are no flaws in this regard.
Anthem, Wilderness 2, The Horizon, and Ghost Recon Wilderness all have stunning imagery.
The texture map is extremely delicate, and the details are plump to the extreme.

Especially Wilderness. Playing back to the performance effect of A1, and the F series is completely two games.

review for sony a9g, oled smart tv

The color temperature is completely different from last year’s F series, which is closer to the color temperature performance of the monitor-level display, that is, the reddish problem mentioned in the evaluation last year has been resolved.
The color temperature performance is very special. It is different from other SONY models. It should be regarded as the unique color temperature control of A9G.
On the level transition, the A9G game is very well done, and it can be seen from the screen shot. The level transition is very natural and comfortable.

The texture of the object is also the only one. It is completely different from other models. The surface texture in many details is handled in place.
The problem is the dynamic delay. The dynamic delay in game mode will be slightly inferior to similar LG products, but it is not obvious.
It can be said that as long as friends who want to play games on TV in the near future, I highly recommend A9G as the main display.

The first is brightness. When playing games, the brightness has increased significantly compared to last year.
Second is the color. Last year, the unified soy sauce color of the F series changed completely on the A9G, and the color suddenly became rich and accurate.
In addition to being slightly inferior to C8P in brightness, the overall feeling has reached the game optimization level of C8P, the difference is that color management is more accurate than C8P.
This is also the model with the best game optimization effect in this year’s SONY series.

Sony A9G has unique advantages:
1. Super high image fineness and fineness
2. Color temperature of imitation monitor monitor
3. Color management of imitation monitor monitor
4. Super high detail performance
5. unusually rich color scale, color depth
6. A9G unique object texture