Review For TOKIT Smart Oven


Take advantage of the recent promotion to buy a TOKIT smart electric oven. There are two things that attract me to this oven: one is intelligent control and very convenient to use; the other is that this oven can actually take pictures, which makes me very curious.

Review for TOKIT smart oven

Choosing this oven can be said to be very helpful for improving the happiness of life. Let ’s take a look at this smart oven in a video.
For this oven, compared to some of the small ovens we currently see, it is definitely a big guy. The oven uses a white shell, with a huge glass window on the front to view the parameters. The top is the operating area. It is very convenient to use a combination of touch and wheels.

Review for TOKIT smart oven

The glass windows on the front of the oven are large and bright, making it easy to observe the state of the ingredients inside. The top of the oven is the control area, which is also the position of the handle to open the oven.

The control area of the oven. The menu on the left is displayed. All the keys above are touch-controlled, which is very convenient. The right side is a multi-function knob. The middle OLED screen can not only display information, but also can be pressed. It is the switch button of the oven, and it is also the start and pause button. If you need to adjust the parameters, such as adjusting the cooking time or heating temperature, just click the touch button on the left and cooperate with the right knob.

Review for TOKIT smart oven

 In fact, there is another important reason for the TOKIT smart electric oven, and that is the size of the oven. Many ovens bought by many friends are not large. On the one hand, the quantity of each oven cannot be too large. On the other hand, some large-sized ingredients are quite weak. The TOKIT oven has a large capacity and can be fully creative when used, which is great.

Review for TOKIT smart oven

The inside of the oven is made of 304 stainless steel, and the bottom of the oven uses a closed design to hide the heating tube, so it is very easy to clean. In addition, there are four levels in the oven where you can place grills or trays, and you can choose different positions according to different ingredients. In addition, there are heating tubes on the top and bottom of the oven. In addition to the hidden heating blue tube at the bottom, the top uses a double carbon fiber heating tube design. Heat, which is not available in many ovens.

Of course, what TOKIT calls a smart electric oven is more than just a smart temperature control. On the one hand, this oven can be connected to the APP via Bluetooth, so that the status can be viewed in real time with a mobile phone, and can also be controlled directly with a mobile phone. On the other hand, the oven has a variety of built-in modes. If you are a novice like me, you can quickly get started with these modes.

The use of the oven is simple. First we connect the oven with wifi, so we can use the mobile APP to control the oven, or check the progress of the oven’s tasks. Of course, this oven has a magical function is the built-in camera, which also needs to be operated and viewed through the APP.

Review for TOKIT smart oven

I have to say that the shooting quality of this camera is pretty good. So I’m curious about its camera parameters. Check it out, this is very similar to the mainstream camera of mobile phones in previous years. The large aperture and wide angle are very suitable for shooting inside the oven. It seems that this oven that can take pictures has not spared no effort in taking pictures.

The body has a variety of built-in modes, such as grilled fish and shrimp, grilled chicken wings, grilled pizza, grilled potatoes, grilled butter biscuits, etc., which are the most commonly used barbecue contents. Moreover, not only can you select these modes, but also you can view specific prompt information with mobile phone operation, which is very convenient.

In actual use, TOKIT’s APP can not only control many usage modes, but also provides a variety of recipes to choose from. We first select the smart electric oven in the app, and we can see the specific recipe. Each recipe is presented in video mode, and you can make delicious food by following the recipe.

What’s more, when we choose a recipe, we don’t just “view” it. The built-in recipe is a complete production process. We can follow the recipe step by step, and the recipe has a built-in heating mode and heating curve. You can start the electric oven through the recipe to make more delicious food.

What attracts me most about this oven is its camera mode. While we are baking, we can watch the progress at any time with the mobile app, and we can take pictures or even record videos. If you are a barbecue expert, you can record the whole process from the beginning of the food into the oven to the end of the cooking. It is also good to make a vlog.
Review for TOKIT smart oven
Although I have been busy with work recently and have n’t used it much, this TOKIT oven really makes me happy. In the first place, the oven is very evenly baked, and it is preheated and baked quickly, without waiting for a long time. In the oven, the barbecue is very simple, almost “fool-style” operation, and the APP comes with many recipes. Follow the instructions to make delicious food.