Review For Toshiba U6900C Smart TV


Toshiba has released a new model with an incredibly low price, but equipped with a light control partition, or a checkerboard light control partition as standard on high-end machines, and the screen peak brightness is very high, reaching 850 nits. At the same time, the wide color gamut technology and motion compensation function are also equipped. Those who know it can see its extraordinaryness at first glance. When it was just released, I knew it was posted and talked. Genuine? So many fans came to ask me what I thought, and I didn’t have the bottom of my heart, so I just bought a home and tested it myself.

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

First look at the basic parameter configuration and appearance of this TV:

55-inch 55U6900C (96 light-control partitions, 60hz screen refresh rate)
65-inch 65U6900C (120 light control partitions, 60hz screen refresh rate)
75-inch 75U6900C (160 light control partitions, 120hz screen refresh rate)
Performance configuration: 2GB running memory, A53 quad-core 1.7GHZ processor, 32GB storage space (Antutu measured)
Port: HDMI2.0 * 3, USB2.0 * 1, USB3.0 * 1, network interface, antenna input, AV input, digital / analog audio input (the ports are on the right side of the TV)

Additional features
2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-frequency dual-channel WiFi, Bluetooth, voice assistant, Android 6.0 system, support for installing third-party software through a USB flash drive, support for Android and iOS screen mirroring

support Dolby Vision, HDR10 (automatically identify and open the corresponding mode). There is standby mode, no switch-on advertisements are found, after the Netflix TV version is installed, it prompts “device is not compatible”, so it has not passed the Netflix device certification. There is no icon after the HBO GO port TV version is installed. Cannot run in the background.

(If you haven’t heard of these software and haven’t used it, please don’t care, it has nothing to do with you.)

Toshiba U6900C Smart TV Review – Screen
4K soft screen, you can clearly see the pixels in three colors of red, green and blue, the peak brightness of the screen is 850 nits

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

Body appearance and remote control
Thanks to the direct-type backlight, the thickness of this Toshiba is still quite amazing, and the border and black border are relatively wide. If you are a color control, Toshiba needs to consider again. If you only consider inner beauty, then you don’t have to worry about it. It’s good to look at the positive.

The remote control of the micro whale is the best remote control I have ever used. None of them. When the remote control of Toshiba was just taken out of the box, it really had a very cheap plastic feeling. Convenient, voice assistant response speed and recognition rate are very good.

The next big thing is, is Toshiba’s blown light-control partition genuine? How does the color gamut behave? How effective is motion compensation?

Toshiba U6900C Smart TV Review –  State in advance

1. Mobile phones take pictures and videos, the technology is very good, forgive me.
2. The three TVs participating in the comparison: Sony 9000f on the left, Toshiba as the protagonist in the middle, and low-end micro-whale on the right
3. There is a big price difference between the three TVs. This test is to observe whether Toshiba is as genuine as the publicity. It is not to express that Toshiba is worse than Sony or better than micro-whale. The comparison is just to make everyone feel the difference more intuitive .
4. Thank you very much for knowing smart TV enthusiasts  for providing various professional test videos and providing valuable suggestions in the exchange.

According to publicity, the image quality processing technology adopted by the Toshiba U6900C is:
Checkerboard light control partition technology, wide color gamut technology (up to 90% NTSC color gamut), motion compensation function

The first is the light control partition. The U6900C is genuine and does. It uses the classic light control partition test video. A small white block walks around the edge of the screen. To which light control partition the small white block moves, which light control partition will light Since the previous partition was closed, the video can clearly reflect this change

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

However, a strange phenomenon was found during the test. The small white block “blinks” about once every second (the brightness decreases and then recovers). At first I thought it happened when the partition was cut off, but a closer observation revealed that this was not the case. It happened in the middle of a partition. It was inexplicable. I hope that a technician can provide an explanation. The Sony 9000f did not “blink”.

Toshiba (right) thanks to the large number of light control partitions, the black control effect is very good, the full black scene can achieve the effect of turning off the screen like the 9000f (left), and the performance of the 4K HDR demo film is amazing It is obviously better than 9000f. After all, the number of light control partitions is twice that of 9000f.

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

The red line is the dividing line between the two TVs. Because it is too dark to see clearly, you can see the black control effect of Toshiba. The bright place is bright, and the black place is black.

Tested specifically with the famous [Game of Thrones], you can look at this tower. Toshiba this one can show the details of the shadows. The low-end machine on the far right can no longer see the details.

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV
Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

Color performance is divided into scene colors and people’s skin color, but no difference can be seen on the screen, which can be distinguished by the naked eye.

Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV
Review for Toshiba U6900C smart TV

The skin color of the character, Toshiba ’s contrast with Sony is not satisfactory. I always feel that Toshiba ’s screen has a layer of white filter, and the characters and scenes are white. Why is n’t Sony ’s picture comfortable, and no Sony ’s color is true.
After repeated testing, it was found that the screen whitening was caused by the backlight brightness being too high. Adjusting the backlight brightness to 80% can effectively solve the problem of screen whitening.

Motion compensation effect, there is basically no difference between the two effects, very smooth. (There are rolling subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Toshiba Sony has no jitter and smear. The low-end micro-whale without motion compensation on the right has very obvious jitter)

Then there is the 4K 60FPS rolling map test film. The so-called rolling map is an ultra-clear map. Move back and forth to see if the text on the map can be clearly displayed. At this time, the Sony 9000f’s 120hz screen refresh rate effect comes out. Motion compensation directly puts The picture is compensated to 120fps, and the text is not smudged or blurred when the map is moved. Toshiba has taken the street because the picture is 60fps and Toshiba ’s screen refresh rate is also 60hz. Motion compensation cannot take effect, so it can be seen that Jitter and smear. Sure enough, it’s still Sonya

Toshiba U6900C Smart TV Review –  Summary

Toshiba U6900C, genuine light control partition, screen control black effect cow X, screen brightness is high, the bright place is bright, the dark place is black, the dark picture can also show richer details, far more than low-end machines and The ordinary mid-range machine has good effects, good motion compensation effects, accurate and colorful expressions, and actually supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. However, the image solution is a bit problematic. The entire screen looks like a layer of white filter, and it looks like whitening skin. Not very real. The appearance of the fuselage is not very good, and the appearance of the remote control is very cheap, but the U6900C is lower than the price of an ordinary online mid-range machine and can reach this configuration. At this level of image quality, all opponents are hanged in the 65-inch 7000. It can only be said that it is too fragrant.

Toshiba U6900C Smart TV Review –  Tested

After manually turning on the TV ’s HDMI 2.0 function, it supports ps4 pro to turn on 4K HDR and apple tv to turn on Dolby Vision

Regarding the more feedback, the corners of this TV are dark. I haven’t found it before. Now test it and take a closer look. It is indeed slightly dark, but it is not obvious. I don’t think it should be too much.

Regarding more feedback, the system is stuck, that is, the remote control is operating, the system does not respond in time, and there are situations. Sometimes it feels that the infrared remote control is not aligned, and sometimes it feels that the system responds. This may be fixed through subsequent system updates.