Review of Panasonic 1309 Smart Toilet Cover


Panasonic 1309 installation is super simple, easy to remove while eliminating tedious installation procedures, eliminating the trouble of cleaning dead corners. The surface of the toilet seat is made of antibacterial material in accordance with SIAA (Japan Antibacterial Product Technology Association) standard, so it is more secure to use. In addition, the detail design is also superb. The 3D curved toilet seat makes the hips and the toilet seat have a larger contact area to make the toilet more comfortable.

Panasonic 1309 Smart Toilet Cover

At the same time, a seat sensor switch is designed. When the toilet seat is forced to trigger the seat switch, the cleaning function can be activated. “Indoor artificial rainfall” caused by misoperation can be avoided; the design of the damping slow-down toilet seat and the toilet seat cushion prevents the sound of the cover plate from colliding, and it does not affect family rest at night.

In terms of comfortable use experience, this toilet lid is impeccable. Pulsed water flow technology: through the rapid alternation of air and water drops, a pulse-like water flow is formed, which is softer and more water-saving than traditional water flow methods. What’s more, the nozzle sterilization function can effectively remove 90% of the E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus attached to the nozzle. It can achieve front and rear cleaning, and can also determine the cleaning intensity according to the user’s personal preference.
Panasonic 1309 Smart Toilet Cover

Panasonic 1309 Smart Toilet Cover – Reviews:

As a “Fortune 500”, Panasonic is also paying more and more attention to the field of intelligent toilet covers. This product is focused on creating a product that can bring you a healthy lifestyle, whether it is the core function or the detailed design.