Reviews For Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker


Compared with previous years, Bluetooth speakers have become a standing product in many homes. When you are at home, you can listen to music and listen to music with Bluetooth speakers. Many friends like it. I have seen more Bluetooth speakers, not only have some requirements for its sound quality, but also hope that its appearance value can go to a higher level and become a bright spot in home furnishings. This is not only a requirement of consumers, but manufacturers are also striving to combine the design and sound performance, and move towards the goal of “sound artwork“.

The goal of one plus one is greater than two, and the requirements for manufacturers have risen sharply. For a long time, it is difficult for us to find products that meet both requirements. However, this does not mean that no one has done it. Luxury fashion speaker brand Harman Caton previously launched ALLURE music amber artificial intelligence speaker, which has won a series of praise. Recently, they and the Tencent Artificial Intelligence Lab jointly launched the ALLURE PORTABLE music amber portable artificial intelligence speaker (hereinafter referred to as the music amber portable version). Can this product take into account the sound quality and beauty? Take a look at the evaluation with everyone today.

Appreciation of appearance details: Harman’s consistent high value

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

If you have been in contact with Harman Kardon ALLURE Music Amber Artificial Intelligence Speaker before, you will easily recognize that Music Amber Portable Edition belongs to the same series of products. The appearance design of the Music Amber Portable Edition and the previous products maintain a unified style, both of which are narrow and wide cylindrical designs. What kind of benefits can this design style bring? We will go into details next.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

In recent years, the appearance of cylindrical Bluetooth speakers has been adopted by more and more manufacturers. How can Harman Kardon break this trend that has gradually become a foregone conclusion? Friends who know the history of the Harman Kardon brand will remember the “Jellyfish” Soundsticks, and the subwoofer part is this cylindrical design. As a wave leader, Harman Kardon has his own way to break the game.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

The first is to carefully craft this amber portable version of the speaker based on the technology level that is still leading. We can not only see the meticulous workmanship of the previous musical amber speakers on the Music Amber Portable Edition, or even the Soundsticks speakers, but also feel how Harman Kardon seamlessly combines engineering plastic and metal mesh cover. This not only makes the Music Amber Portable Edition have a delicate and durable texture, but also because of the strict assembly process, the Music Amber Portable Edition has a certain degree of water and dust resistance.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

Second, the portable version of Music Amber also inherited the lighting effects of the previous Music Amber, and upgraded it to be more cool. When the previous music amber was working, it would illuminate different lighting effects due to different states. When it came to the portable version of music amber, the dynamic 360-degree sensing light not only made the listening more vivid and beautiful, but also added luster to the home space. At the same time, this circle of lights also acts as a volume indicator, the more the halo lights up, the louder the volume. The combination of practicality and beauty has to admire Harman Kardon‘s intentions in developing products.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

Many manufacturers choose cylindrical speakers because of their structural advantages. As the leader of this exterior design, Harman Kardon carried forward the advantages of this structure while considering the acoustic performance. The addition of 360-degree induction light to the face value can be said to be immediate. Not only the light is 360 degrees, there is also a “360 degrees” on the portable version of the music amber, which is the dual microphone array system on the top of the fuselage.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker
Through reasonable design and placement, combined with noise reduction technology, the dual microphone array system can listen to the sound from any angle. This not only enables users to listen to music using the music amber portable version, but also wakes up the built-in Tencent cloud microenterprises from different angles, enabling Tencent cloud microenterprises to help themselves complete a series of daily affairs. From a high value Bluetooth speaker to a smart assistant, the music amber portable version is so willful.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker
Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

In addition, Harman carton has a base for the music amber portable version. By the way, the word “portable” in the portable version of music amber not only refers to the reduction of body size, but also has a built-in 6000 MAH battery, which can be moved without external mains power. Listening to the music in the living room, I suddenly feel a little tired and want to go back to the bedroom to have a rest. Just take the speaker back to the room and open the “ge you lie down” mode. Even we can take it to the kitchen and make two delicate dishes for ourselves and our family while listening to the music. Light and portable, easy to use, is also one of the important points of the promotion of the portable version.

What to do when the power of the speaker is low? Just put the speaker body on the base and charge the speaker through two metal contacts. Compared with many Bluetooth speakers that still rely on micro USB interface for charging, the music amber portable version is indeed more convenient to use.

From the aspect of beauty and function, music amber portable edition is basically not picky, so what’s its essence – sound effect? In the portable version of music amber, two 44.45mm loudspeakers and two passive diaphragm make up a sound system. From the perspective view of the structure, we can see that such a set of vocal configuration can be put down in such a small volume, relying on the use of a cylindrical design with a narrow top and wide bottom.

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

Because of this design, the design team can set a 360 degree voice hole on the body, so that this set of voice configuration can cover a part of the space completely, no matter which angle to listen to, can feel the same effect, breaking the shackles of the traditional Bluetooth speaker in sound transmission. How about the actual sound performance of music amber portable version with the sound architecture created with ingenuity? Next, we will try to listen to the experience with you.

Audition & Experience: what are the advantages of relying on Tencent resources?

Reviews for Harman Kardon Music Amber Portable Smart Speaker

First, we need to connect the music amber portable before we can experience it. Why not? There are two solutions: Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi distribution network connection. It is worth mentioning that the music amber portable version supports 5g and 2.4G dual frequency WiFi networking, which also caters to the current trend of WiFi popularization 5g and brings higher connection speed. Of course, if the speaker is far away from the router, it is more secure to choose 2.4G. In addition, the addition of Bluetooth also avoids the dilemma of not being able to use the speaker without WiFi network, such as outdoors, which is a kind of complement.

Since it is a smart speaker, we take WiFi mode as the main experience mode in this experience part. Open the “Tencent cloud microenterprise” app, and by scanning the QR code on the product’s outer packing box or instruction manual, the software automatically identifies the product model and carries out the distribution network. In the case of good network, the whole process only takes about 5-6 minutes, and there is no redundant tedious operation.

After the connection is successful, we can see clearly that “microenterprise” divides the speaker’s functions into four parts: microenterprise, content, skills and my information. It seems a little responsible, but it’s actually understood in a popular way: microenterprises correspond to information push; content is mainly used to listen to songs; skill is the function and expansion part of the device; I mean device and account information. This time, we will focus on the content. Relying on QQ music resources known as “tens of millions of authentic” music library, almost most of the music resources we want to hear can be easily searched.

In addition, the features of smart speakers should not only be able to hear and speak, but also have certain home interconnection functions. Tencent cloud microenterprises are currently connected to products such as OPP lighting, Aubry sockets, menting intelligence, etc.

The biggest secret script – wechat and QQ linkage. The family members can be added to the public address of the little assistant, so that the music amber portable version can be sent to all the family members in the group. Everyone can sing songs, listen to music, listen to crosstalk and inquire information.

It’s worth mentioning that we also try to put this speaker in noisy environment to test its pick-up ability. Even in noisy environment and normal use distance of about 3 meters, music amber portable version can still accurately capture user’s instructions, and give feedback with user’s voice instructions in time with the visual reminder of breath light flashing. With the effect of voice input, our hands can be liberated. Even in the scene of housework, we can still use the music amber portable version normally.

As for the sound quality of music amber portable edition, you must have some background in your mind from the hand of “Harman carton”. Considering that its positioning is smart speaker, we will focus on the sound quality. First of all, the portable version of music amber and the larger music amber can almost say that the sound is a tonality. The mid-frequency human voice density is high, the high frequency is bright and the sense of resolution is slightly more. This is also the typical style of “Harman” speaker. Because of the size limitation, the low frequency is slightly thinner than the ordinary version, but there is a premise for comparison.

The actual comparison of the approximate size is as follows: The low frequency of music amber portable version of a little love children’s shoe has been completely suppressed. In terms of sound pressure level, the portable version of music amber is not limited by too much volume. The sound pressure level of the 25 square meter evaluation room only needs more than half to achieve good results.

As we mentioned earlier, the bottom of the music amber portable version uses a contact type charging port, so what’s its endurance performance? The official said that its built-in 6000mAh lithium-ion battery can provide up to 10 hours of playback time. We verified the normal playback without operation, and the measured endurance time is about 9.3 hours consistent with the official data. With a good endurance, combined with its small size, we can use music amber portable version in more scenes, so that wonderful music will always accompany us.

Evaluation summary

Compared with the amber speaker of allure music, it’s really a “portable version”. When you take it with you when driving, you can enjoy the warm and full voice of Harman carton no matter where you are. With music, music amber portable version lights up, is a visual landscape. To be able to combine audio-visual enjoyment into one, we have to admire Harman carton’s profound industrial design skills. In addition, relying on the advantages brought by Tencent cloud, the music amber portable book, even if it is independent of the mobile phone, also has a very considerable Library of music and audiobooks and other resources.