Reviews For LG Steam FH4G1BCS2 Smart Washing Machine


Capacity and efficiency

LG STEAM FH4G1BCS2 smart washing machine, LG Steam FH4G1BCS2 should serve the largest family, and of course, the most efficient A +++ energy level, so you can rest easy.

Speed and noise level

LG STEAM FH4G1BCS2 smart washing machine will spin your clothes at 1400 rpm with a noise level of 71dB when spinning and a noise level of 52dB when washing-all considerations are comparable average noise levels.

LG STEAM FH4G1BCS2 smart washing machine


This washing machine uses LG ’s Turbowash, which sprays water on clothes for easier rinsing and shorter washing time in only 49 minutes. LG ’s TrueSteam technology is ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. There is also a feature called “Pause and Add Items” which will release the door in three seconds, so you can add washing through the main door. Strange socks on the floor, sorted.

LG’s Smart ThinQ brand encompasses smart features, including the ability to control washing through your phone, download 20 additional washing programs, and use smart diagnostics to solve small problems.