Reviews For Samsung QUICKDRIVE WW90M645OPO Smart Washing Machine


Samsung QUICKDRIVE WW90M645OPO capacity and efficiency
Samsung has made some very big drums for the largest homes, but for most homes, 9kg may be enough, and this one has an A +++ rating to minimize energy consumption.

Speed and noise level
It rotates at 1400 rpm with a maximum noise level of 73dB. This is roughly the same as a maximum-powered vacuum cleaner, but runs quieter (49dB) during washing.

This washing machine uses Samsung’s QuickDrive technology, which can reduce washing time by up to 50%. In addition, it is equipped with the AddWash function, once the washing starts, you can add items to the washing through the door in the drum. convenient.

The smart controls here allow you to control cleaning from your smartphone, as well as identify any problems and troubleshoot them from your phone.

What is a smart washing machine
Although non-smart washing machines have many ingenious features, the smart washing machines we are discussing here can be specifically connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to enjoy certain features. These can:

Remote controlled cleaning
With the companion app for your smart washing machine, you will be able to start or pause washing from your smartphone-no matter whether you are upstairs, on the way to work or on the way to work.

Monitor washing progress
Check your washing method with the app and notify you when the washing is complete.

Smart home compatibility
Some smart washing machines work with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to start the washing process. In addition, you can assign washing loads to smart home sequences or routines.

Maintenance information
If there is a problem with the washing machine, the connected smartphone can receive detailed information about any malfunctions to the companion app to alert you early. Some people even help you solve the problem yourself, eliminating the need to call a repairman.