Reviews For Whirlpool Supremecare FSCR12441 Smart Washing Machine


Capacity and efficiency
Is a 10 kg drum enough for your laundry crazy family? Try Whirlpool’s SupremeCare FSCR12441

Big and small drums with A +++ efficiency rating.

Whirlpool SUPREMECARE FSCR12441 smart washing machine

Speed and noise level
The maximum rotation speed of the washing machine is 1400 rpm, the maximum noise level is only 70 dB, and the washing cycle is 48 dB. This is thanks to Whirlpool’s Zen motor, which reduces vibration and becomes one of the quietest motors on the market.

As Whirlpool’s flagship washing machine, this smart washing machine uses the most advanced technology, including a feature called 6th Sense, which can automatically adjust each load to automatically adjust the washing settings, and FreshCare, which keeps the drum moving for up to 6 hours The clothes are fresh until they are unloaded.

Its smart features come from the 6th Sense Live app, which lets you control your washing machine from your smartphone and gives you a rough estimate of the cost of each wash to help you keep an eye on your consumption.