Samsung Gear S2 In-Depth Review


In the third year of Samsung’s smart wear, Samsung is more focused on Gear S2. Even Gear Fit, which has a good reputation last year, has not launched an upgraded version this year. It can be seen that Samsung’s determination in the field of smart wear, Gear S2 has a long way to go. Its competitors include not only Apple’s Apple Watch, but also Android Wear smart watches such as Moto360.

Samsung Gear S2

To say that the Gear S2 is an upgraded version of the Gear S, it is estimated that many people will not believe it. Last year’s Gear S used a large curved screen and a small button on the screen, which is almost the same as the Samsung mobile phone design. This time, the Gear S2 changed its previous design and replaced the most popular round dial with the trend of smart wear. The overall design style of the watch is very simple, more in line with the standards of public aesthetics. There is no doubt that the design of the Gear S2 is obviously better.

Gear S2’s new versions are available in black classic, dark gray and silver white. The size of the classic model is slightly different from that of the fashion version. The normal version measures 42.3 x 49.8 x 11.4mm and weighs 47g. The classic model measures 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4mm and weighs 42g.

As for the strap, the Gear S2 comes with two different sizes of large and small straps. The fashion version is made of rubber and the classic is made of leather. In addition, the official and third parties also provide a variety of different styles of straps for consumers to choose, to meet the needs of different personalization and wear.

Samsung Gear S2

Gear S2 details appreciation: Exquisite
On the front of gear S2 is a 1.2-inch circular super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 and 302 PPI. The screen size is slightly smaller than that of moto360, but the part of gear S2 screen keeps a pure round shape. In terms of resolution, the screen of gear S2 is better than most smart watches, and looks more delicate and clear. Even the smallest words have no obvious grain sense, and the overall appearance is more transparent and bright.

Super AMOLED screen display effect is quite good, excellent in contrast and color, and wide viewing angle. Even in strong sunlight, using the lowest level of brightness can clearly identify icons and functions. Usually outdoor sports more friends do not need to worry about the lack of brightness in the sun.

There is a “bezel” hidden above the dial, which Samsung calls “analog bezel”. It is a little similar to the rotary bezel on the traditional watch, but the functions of the two are far from each other. The rotary bezel on the traditional watch only has the function of “seeing”, which only allows the user to time, adjust the time difference or decoration.

But the biggest function of the analog bezel is not decoration, but a new way of interaction, and Samsung’s biggest innovation in the use of smart watches. The hand feel of the analog bezel is very good. Every rotation to a node will be accompanied by a mechanical “click” sound. You can switch and other operations through rotation.

Gear S2 adopts 316L stainless steel (commonly known as “titanium steel”) which is widely used in traditional mechanical watches. This material has strong corrosion resistance, and its durability and strength are much better than that of plastic watches.
Samsung Gear S2

There is no crown on the right side of the body, but two solid buttons are placed at two o’clock and four o’clock, and a microphone hole is placed in the middle of the two buttons. The upper key returns to the operation by default, while the lower key can be used as the home key. Double clicking will call out the application list, which is convenient for daily use. However, the handle of the key is hard, so it is comfortable and natural without the operation of the bezel.

The back of the watch is a heart rate sensor, which can monitor the wearer’s heart rate change at any time. When using heart rate monitoring, it emits a green light.

The watch strap of the fashion version of gears2 uses a soft rubber material, which is delicate but not stiff. In addition, the method of removing the watch belt is also very easy. You only need to press the buckle position between the dial and the watch belt to load and unload.

The connecting part of the watch strap and the watch has a certain curvature. This arc design can make the watch fit the wrist better, avoid the situation of looseness and shaking during the wearing process, and ensure that the watch can be fixed at the center of the wrist every time the wrist is raised. The feeling of wearing on the hand is comfortable, and the feeling of foreign matters is not obvious.

The most common function of a smart watch is to turn over the wrist and light up the screen. The response of gears2 is a little too sensitive. Sometimes it will light up automatically after a little arm swing. But fortunately, gear S2 supports to turn off the screen by covering the watch screen with the palm of your hand, so that gear S2 can automatically recognize and quickly turn off the screen.

The gear S2 supports wireless charging. When the watch is near the base, the watch can be magnetically attached to the base to ensure that the watch will not fail to charge due to the offset.

Samsung Gear S2

Tizen System Experience: Makeover
In terms of system, Samsung still insists on using tiger to avoid homogenization. It can be seen from gear S2 that the tizen system is very similar to Android wear, including the interface of drop-down menu and so on, which are all inherited from Android system. After several years of development, it has formed its own unique operation mode and design.

Three ways of interaction are complementary
The analog bezel is the biggest innovation on the Gear S2. Users can select apps by rotating the bezel and switch between different apps, or implement volume control, zoom functions, and vertical and horizontal navigation. Turning clockwise is the forward operation, and selecting counterclockwise is the backward operation. The biggest advantage over the finger touch method is that it does not cover the screen during operation, which improves the operation efficiency on the watch. During daily use, the analog bezel and the sliding and pressing of the touch mode form a complementary relationship, making the operation more efficient.

Gear S2 also supports touch screen interaction. It supports click, long press and slide, which is almost the same as Android wear launched by Google. Click to enter the next level menu or click to select. Sliding can switch between different interfaces.

In addition, gear S2 also supports voice control – s voice. The user can set voice wake-up command. When the watch is on, the set command of direct call can start – s voice and wake up the watch directly. Voice control can realize search, call contacts, set alarm clock, view media library, schedule and other operations. It is very convenient to complete the operation without hands.

The response speed of the voice control is good, and the recognition rate is about 75%.

New Tizen System Experience
Samsung has also made optimizations in the system. The appearance and ease of use have been greatly improved. Samsung calls the UI on the Gear S2 “Rotary UI”, which is also designed based on the rotating bezel. The logical way with touch also makes the experience more interesting.

Samsung Gear S2

Tizen UI consists of two levels of menus, very similar to the Android desktop. The first layer is similar to the desktop gadget, and the second layer is the application list. The widgets on the desktop include similar dials, notifications, weather, step counting, and music control. The first layer of widgets is mainly used to display application information. Click the corresponding widget to enter the application. The second layer of the application list is a collection of all applications, and the application icons are also very interesting. They are designed as small circles and surrounded by a large circle on the edge of the screen. Not only does it look small and cute, but it is also not easy to misuse other programs when clicking with your finger.

Multi-style dial replacement
For users with appearance requirements, the biggest advantage of smart watches is that they can change the dial anytime and anywhere. There are 22 pre-installed dial interfaces in the watch. There are traditional hands and digital display dials, and there are cartoon patterns provided by designers Dial. In addition, there are various dial downloads in the watch application market, but some of them require charges.

Users can also modify the design of the dial, design different styles of dial, including dial scales, pointers, fonts, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

Tizen application market

Tizen has just started and has few supported applications. Among the programs that come with the default, the Gear S2 supports setting alarm clocks, map navigation, recording, viewing mobile phone albums and other applications that are frequently used daily.

Flipboard, flappy bird and other applications have been specifically optimized, and they are also handy for use on watches, although they are not very useful, they are best used to spend leisure time.
Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 feature trial: Good quality pre-installed applications
System Compatibility

Gear S2 is compatible with Android 4.4 and above of other brands and devices with ram of 1.5GB and above. It is Samsung’s first smart watch compatible with Android devices of other brands. In addition, some Samsung’s own functions, such as Samsung payment, only support Samsung mobile devices.

Gear S2 synchronizes with the mobile phone through Bluetooth 4.1 in daily use, which can download and replace the dial, synchronize data and other operations. The watch also has a built-in NFC chip that can be used for quick pairing with the mobile phone and future Samsung payment. In addition, the watch also supports the connection of Wi Fi. Applications such as Flipboard and map in the watch can update content through Wi Fi, and can be used independently even without the mobile phone.

Information notice & reply
As an important accessory of a mobile phone, the push function can let you not miss any important information in the mobile phone.

When there is a call in, the user can choose to answer or reject it directly on the watch. Unfortunately, because the gear S2 does not have a built-in speaker, it is not possible to make a call directly on the watch (but the foreign 3G version of gear S2 can be realized). In daily use, the phone that does not want to answer can be directly hung up on the watch.

The push of SMS and other applications will be directly displayed in the notice bar of the watch, but at present only SMS can reply directly in the watch. Users can choose the preset reply, voice input (converted into text), expression or click the keyboard to reply.

Sync Media
Music files or pictures on the phone can be synchronized to the Gear S2, users can directly view commonly used pictures or play music files on the watch, but this feature is relatively small, and users will not use it very often.

Tracking Function
For smart watches, the motion tracking function is basically one of the necessary functions. In the motion monitoring mode, the Gear S2 can record your pulse, steps and distance, etc., and display it on the screen in real time. It has comprehensive functions and is very suitable for friends who usually exercise more. Its heart rate function is fast and accurate. The measured heart rate measured by the Gear S2 is almost the same as that measured by the Fitbit Charge HR, but using the heart rate monitoring function will consume more power. The 1-hour exercise monitoring mode will cost about 18% of the power. Friends who exercise for a long time It’s best to charge Gear S2 before going out.
Samsung Gear S2

Lifetime charging time & waterproof performance   
Gear S2 has a built-in battery capacity of only 250 mAh, which is 50 mAh less than that of the Moto 360 II, but its Super AMOLED display can consume less power than competitors, and its own optimized Tizen system It can also save more power. According to the official data, the Gear S2’s battery life is 2-3 days better than most smart watches on the market.

Of course, the power consumption depends on how the user uses it, especially if there is more exercise (the heart rate function is often used) or the screen is constantly used to use the application. If it is normal brightness, look at the time normally, receive pushes, and exercise time of about 1-1.5 hours per day. The Gear S2 can continue to use for more than 2 days, and the battery life is better than most smart watches.

The Samsung Gear S2 supports a power saving mode, which will be automatically turned on when the remaining power is 10%. The power saving mode uses a gray screen display and the WiFi is turned off. It only supports three functions: call, information and notification.

It is a pity that the Gear S2 does not support the fast charging function. Due to the low efficiency of wireless charging, the charging time of the watch will be relatively long. The actual measurement takes 2 to 2.5 hours from 0-100% to full.

Gear S2 supports IP68 waterproof, and theoretically has the highest level of waterproof and dustproof capabilities. In daily use, level 6 dust protection is already the highest level of dust protection, and theoretically can completely prevent foreign objects and dust from entering. The 8-level waterproofing can prevent the invasion of water when sinking, and it will be submerged under the specified water pressure indefinitely to ensure that it will not be damaged by water immersion.

The actual measurement of the Gear S2 is still responsive after being exposed to water, and there is no problem even in water immersion. In other words, in daily life, users do not have to worry about damage caused by wetness due to hand washing and sweating during exercise, or Even when immersed in water, you can use the watch to bathe normally.

Samsung Gear S2


Unfortunately, the Gear S2 did not make much of a breakthrough in system ecology and battery life. However, the Gear S2 is the best smartwatch on the market in terms of design and performance, and it is better than the previous generation Gear S. The first is to replace the very popular round metal dial and provide users with more personalized appearance options. In addition, in terms of features, it also innovatively adds a simple and easy-to-use analog bezel interaction method; Samsung’s new Tizen system has also injected vitality into the watch.

On the Gear S2, Samsung does show its strength and creativity as an international technology giant.