Sony A9g Review, Oled Strongest Picture Quality


Since entering 2020, the television industry has ushered in a new round of reshuffle. In the past, the market pattern of product price-oriented competition was gradually shifting towards quality and high-end. The competition between products has also returned to the road of taking user experience as the core and creating higher added value for users. Among them, Sony has always focused on the high-end market and is committed to bringing a more extreme audio-visual experience to those who are pursuing a quality of life. The launch of its family of TV series is a strong proof.

sony a9g review

Sony KD-65A9G

Following Sony’s introduction of the A9F series of OLED TVs last year, it quickly gained widespread attention and recognition in the industry. And this year, Sony soon brought us the new picture series OLED TV A9G. While iterating so quickly, we also saw Sony ’s strong technological innovation, and we are also looking forward to the new A9G TV. How will it behave. Let’s verify it together.

Simple and thin wall-mounted installation is especially suitable

Sony has always attached great importance to the industrial design of products. Compared with the A9F series, the biggest change of the A9G is the optimized design of the fuselage, and at the same time, it is more sophisticated in the choice of details and materials.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality


A9G uses a rounded rectangular metal stand to support the entire TV, so that the bottom frame is very close to the desktop, only 6mm away, and is almost integrated with the desktop.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

The back of A9G is composed of multiple layers of stacked plates. The first layer has the largest area and the thinnest OLED panel layer thickness is only 6.2mm. The checkered matrix layer above it contains power supply circuits, speakers, sound field drivers, heat sinks, input and output interfaces, and so on. In order to better hide various data cables, Sony has reserved multiple clamps and shielding panels; the last layer is the rear half of the bracket, and clamps and movable panels are also reserved. It can be removed.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

The A9G is completely closed at the back, and the data and power cables are led out from the notch at the back of the bracket.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

A9G with removable panel

In the three-layer plate, the most difficult to design is undoubtedly the middle grid matrix layer, because it contains the sound unit of the flagship version of the entire screen sound field. We know that the larger the speaker diameter, the lower the bass frequency, but too large a speaker will increase the thickness of the TV. Sony engineers designed a new box with phase-inverted holes for the A9G woofer. The box size is about five “squares”. The center has a “fishbone” -like reinforcement structure. The corners are irregular. Arc processing to improve bass purity.

A9G sound unit assembly shown by Sony, the top is a woofer, and the bottom right is a sound field driver

On the other hand, Sony engineers have learned from the experience of the A9F dual sound field driver and used a single 20W sound field driver instead of the A9F dual 13W sound field driver on the A9G. In this way, the single channel of the A9G is composed of a woofer + a sound field driver, and then composed The flagship version of the two-channel screen sound field. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the A9G’s mid-to-high-frequency sound positioning is also clear when the speaker is thinner and smaller, and the direction of the person’s voice can be clearly felt when watching the movie.
A9G and SU-WL850 hanger

Relying on the design of multi-layer superimposed plates, A9G forms a back layer that becomes thicker layer by layer, which becomes noticeably thinner in visual perception. In order to balance the beauty and ease of use during wall mounting, Sony has also designed an A9G dedicated hanger SU-WL850. The SU-WL850 fixes the A9G through a movable hinge, and compresses the distance from the OLED panel to the wall to 51mm (in the 55 and 65-inch versions). If the user wants to plug in the data cable and U disk, the TV can be pulled out with one hand, and it will not be 51mm. The distance is so high that it is impossible to get started, which is extremely humane.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

Speaker cable interface on the back of A9G

In addition, A9G adds a center speaker input interface on the back. When setting up a home theater, as long as the power amplifier’s connecting cable is inserted into the center speaker input interface, the A9G built-in speaker can be successfully put into the center speaker, which not only simplifies the home theater system, but also does not bury the A9G’s excellent The screen sound technology allows the home theater system to truly obtain a cinema-like “sound curtain” effect.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

It can be said that the A9G has been completely restructured in appearance, while further making the body thinner, it also effectively reduces the occupation of space and allows the TV to better integrate into the home environment.

Picture quality test

While changing the shape of the TV, the A9G did not make any compromises on picture quality. Using a 4K OLED panel, equipped with 4K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship version, with dynamic image-by-pixel precision imaging technology, HDR dynamic image-by-image reshaping technology, 14-bit smooth gradient, dual image database, precision color rendering, and specially designed for OLED The panel-developed pixel-level contrast enhancement of six Sony unique black technologies allows users to enjoy the best picture quality experience.

Right to open the right way

On April 14, the long-awaited eighth season of “Game of Thrones” was launched by global audiences, but in the third episode of Winter Winter, the night king was madly uttered by the audience-it was too dark to see anything . According to the director, black is to retain a sense of presence, not a technical issue. As a result, foreign media have repeatedly sought ways to open the right game, and finally point to OLED TVs. Can A9G allow us to better watch the right tour? Let’s take a look at how dark the game of power S08E03 is. (Source quality: 1080P SDR, code rate 7553Kbps, H264 encoding)

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

The picture below shows that there are few bright lenses in “Game of Thrones” S08E03. The dragon light and Ian Gray are barely illuminated by the fire. If it is put in other movies and TV series, it is already a dim lens. In order to better understand how dark the picture is, we have intercepted the histogram values. The screenshot mainly uses 0-120 in the 0-255 color level range, and the whole is dark.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

Outstanding 4K & HDR experience

A9G has excellent scaling and dynamic technology is just one aspect. Compared to other TVs, A9G can present high saturation pictures to the greatest extent without saturation overflow. Next, watch a colorful 4K documentary, “Our Planet,” with source quality: 4K, 38.4Mbps, H264.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

The color saturation of the A9G picture is very high, especially when presenting flowers, it has a delicate effect. When showing red and yellow sunlight and the blue earth, the contrast between the two colors is quite sharp and the transition is natural. The quality documentary is very pleasing.

Next we look at the performance of A9G in the 4K HDR movies “Hurricane 2” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Source quality “Fast Hunt 2”: 4K HDR10, code rate 22.5Mbps, H265 format; “Bohemian Rhapsody”: 4K HDR10, code rate 54.5Mbps, H265 format. When I see HDR video, I believe many people will be attracted by the name “High-Dynamic Range”.

The fact is that the most critical improvement of HDR video is the use of H.265 encoding and 10-bit color depth, H.265 compression efficiency. Compared with H.264, the video quality of 10Mbps H.265 video is no less than that of 20Mbps H.264 video. After the color depth is increased from 8bit to 10bit, the color scale range will be expanded from 0-255 to 0-1023. Effectively enhance the performance of highlights and dark details in the picture, laying a foundation for adding HDR technology.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

Screen sound field technology makes sound more directional

After the TV entered the LCD era from the big butt CRT, the ultra-thin body could not accommodate the large-sized speakers, which also caused the TV’s sound quality to seriously deteriorate. In order to improve the sound quality, manufacturers have to add speakers on the sides and bottom of the TV, or improve the sound quality performance through the so-called “OEM”, but the effect is difficult to satisfy. Until the emergence of the screen sound field technology applied to the Sony A1 TV, the TV could keep the sound quality while maintaining its beauty. Sony A9G is equipped with the latest flagship version of the screen sound field technology, and the sound quality performance has been further improved.

Thanks to the technical principle of screen sound, the A9G’s mid- and high-range directivity is very strong, and the dialogue sound position can closely follow the position of the person in the image. With the support of speakers, when watching the “Persian Rhapsody” in tribute to the Queen, it gave people a very strong sense of presence, and truly realized the “single-picture-one” experience that Sony has always promoted. More practically, the flagship version of the A9G screen sound field can be used with the screen turned off. The user can call the “Image Off” function through the shortcut menu button. This way, when using QQ music to listen to songs, even if the TV is not turned on, it can be shocked. Sound experience.

Native ad-free Android 8.0 system

 Sony A9G is equipped with Android 8.0 system. The system interface adopts waterfall design, vertical scrolling to switch large columns, and horizontal scrolling to select a single application or sub-function. Thanks to the simple and ad-free interface, it runs very smoothly. The intelligent AI voice function is also added, and users can find their favorite videos or applications as long as they speak instructions to the TV.

A9G UI interface

For example, after shouting “I want to watch the Lion King teaser”, A9G will analyze the meaning of the voice, translate it into commands that the TV can understand, and then search for related videos on the installed APP such as “NewTV Aurora”, presenting three “Lion “King” related videos for users to choose.

When encountering an information search command such as “Who is the CEO of Sony”, A9G will use a search engine to quickly find relevant information, eliminating the need for users to type on the remote control again.

Massive software applications are a big improvement on smart TVs. Sony A9G has built-in apps such as Tencent’s “NewTV Aurora”, covering the most popular episodes, variety shows, movies in multiple genres and countries. The streaming media resources are extremely rich. The Bibi area can give full play to the advantages of Sony A9G supporting Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, and experience the different experiences brought by high-definition movies online. If these are not enough, users can download and install various live broadcast, video, game and other apps through the built-in Dangbei application market.

Perfect interpretation of the “sound and picture” concept

As a cutting-edge product of the industry, the A9G series OLED TV maintains the high-quality audio-visual experience that Sony has always advocated. It can accurately present every detail in the picture, and can clearly show the picture application even in extremely dim scenes. Some colors and details bring a real viewing experience. The newly upgraded flagship version of the screen sound field technology makes the A9G more directional in sound transmission. The sound of characters or objects in the TV will move as the position changes, as if the sound surrounds the ear. 

At the same time, the redesigned fuselage design makes the A9G thinner and thinner. The distance from the wall is further reduced when the wall is mounted. The desktop placement also reduces the occupation of space, allowing users to truly immerse themselves in the picture. Coupled with the more fluent Android 8.0 system and the convenient AI intelligent voice function, A9G has become the only choice for those who pursue a high-quality life.

sony a9g review, oled Strongest picture quality

At present, under the background of continuous upgrading of display technology and the improvement of user quality requirements, many new products, new technologies and new concepts were born in the TV industry in 2019. Not rich. In the face of many interference items, Sony has never changed its original intention, and continued to use innovative technologies and products to enhance the user experience, which also allowed the A9G TV to continue the glory of the picture series.