TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV Review


Because I like to take pictures, I am a little picky about the shape and color of each item. I hope that each additional item is suitable for home. And if it is a household appliance that can be visualized, I am even more picky, because I have the force that Libra has on the color. If it is a TV, etc., I hope its design can be simple and atmospheric, and have a certain sense of art in it. It happens that I encountered a TCL 55Q2 full screen TV with star screen.

TCL 55Q2 first experience

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

This front photo is the TCL Q2 in the living room. Since there is no TV cabinet, I used my old box to temporarily act as a tent. I just contacted a furniture store yesterday to prepare a custom TV cabinet. In this case, the value will be upgraded by another grade .

The front of the fuselage is a 55-inch black frameless full-screen, below is a separately embedded Harman audio, and an art base, which is provided to users who are not on the wall.

Speaking of the TCL Q2 point size, the 55-inch length is about 123cm. The space I reserved for the living room TV is 140cm, so the size is just right. I have watched some TV sets in the mall before. Under the comparison of various sizes, I planned to add a 65-inch one later. I did not expect that 55-inch ones would be so large at home. At present, the distance from my sofa to the TV is 220cm, which feels just right.

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

This is a photo on the side. If you do n’t say it, no one will notice that there is a TV in the picture. In fact, you may not be able to see it because it is too thin. The official size is the thinnest. It is 6.9mm.

This is the thickness seen from a 45º viewing angle. You may not be very intuitive, so let me take a comparison photo.

This is a comparison photo with the iPhone6s. The official data of the iPhone6s is 7.1mm. From the parameters, the TCL Q2 is 0.2mm thinner, but visually it is the same. It is amazing that the TV can do this technology. .

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

Behind the fuselage is a screw-shaped one-piece beauty back, and the interface is extremely rich, including the mainstream interfaces on the market, from top to bottom: USB2.0, network cable, HDMI (X3), USB3.0, antenna , AV (X3), and the lowest digital analog audio output.

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

The design of the remote control is also relatively simple and easy to operate. In addition to the current mainstream “speech recognition” function, there is also a “cinema synchronization” and “live broadcast”. Well, this is a paid function, which can be viewed at home and the hospital. Line synchronized movie. Then let’s experience the quality of Q2.


Through the “Settings” button on the remote control, we can customize the color of the image. In addition to the built-in presets of “Standard”, “HDR Enhancement”, and “Movie”, we can also customize according to our own habits. It is also very intimate.

To add a little common sense, regardless of the resources on any film and television platform, the sharpness of the marked picture quality is actually damaged to some extent. This is to take care of the fluency, so I downloaded the 11G movie source from the Internet. USB3.0 interface, connect the mobile hard disk and experience.

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review
TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

This is a movie picture taken by the camera twice, and the picture quality will be damaged, but in terms of the naked eye, the HD source downloaded by itself will be much clearer than the platform ’s own source. It cannot be perfectly restored through photo shooting, so everyone can download the feelings based on the keywords on the poster.

Okay, here comes the gaming experience. In order to experience all aspects of TCL Q2, I specially asked my friends to bring a PS4 back from Hong Kong.

Ps4 is two versions, namely Slim and Pro. I use Pro here, because only Pro has 4K picture output. If it is Slim, it will not reflect TCL Q2 picture quality.

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review
TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

Connect the TV directly with the HDMI cable, there will be a very clear prompt after connection, just use the remote control to operate, very convenient. This looks very blue from the screen.

“Listening” to TV can also make your ears pregnant
Directly below the TCL Q2 is the brand’s logo and audio. The three letters “TCL” have a built-in light source, which will always be on after power-on. Both sides of the LOGO are independently embedded Harman Kardon sounds. The black sound is very visual in texture and feels expensive.

In terms of sound effects, Manhacarton is a guarantee of quality and supports Dolby Atmos for 4K sources. In addition, although it is at the bottom, you can still choose the output method of “bottom” or “wall hanging”, which should be slightly different. At the same time, in addition to the image quality selection, in addition to the preset sound mode, it also supports customization, which is suitable for friends with fever.

TCL 55Q2 Star Screen Full Screen TV review

To sum up

Finally, briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages of TCL Q2:


1.  The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and the face value is in charge;
2.  The picture quality and sound quality in the same level have reached the level they should be;
3.  Rich third-party interfaces, which can interact with most external devices;
4.  The platform is rich in content and updated quickly without worrying about audiovisual resources;
5.  The controller is very convenient to operate, who knows who uses it;