This Amazing Smart Oven Saves Me Too Much,JUNE Smart Oven


The JUNE smart oven is really right for you.

This oven is a truly “smart” product. The appearance of the oven is similar to that of a normal oven. However, it is extremely powerful and can be used for almost all cooking methods such as baking, frying, air frying, slow stew, dehydration, toast, and heat preservation. It can perfectly replace your convection oven, toaster, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, oven and insulated drawer. Save you precious MONEY and precious kitchen space.

JUNE smart oven

Of course, the biggest attraction of this smart oven is its smart cooking program. It can automatically identify the food in it and select the appropriate program to complete the cooking. It can automatically recognize up to 50 kinds of food, and comes with a rich list of automatic cooking programs. With these programs, you can order food freely, and JUNE will use cloud information to obtain recipes, and then automatically follow the recipes to prepare delicious food. Even if you just want to eat popcorn, there may be 100 different options

JUNE smart oven

By the way, did I mention that it can simultaneously capture videos of cooking and uploading them to facebook?

What’s even cooler is that the JUNE smart oven also has the Alexa app built in. As long as you have an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, you can achieve voice control of the oven-just move your mouth and you will have a warm and delicious dinner waiting for you !!

The gospel of absolutely lazy food!