TOKIT Smart Oven Review


Electric ovens are well known, and more and more families choose to buy such products, and when they are all right, they bake at home and bake delicious food to enjoy. From the current situation, the electric oven has become a cooking weapon. Today, I bring you an electric oven experience. Its appearance is small and exquisite, very mini, at the same time powerful, and there is something surprising.

Speaking of which, many friends are definitely looking forward to this product. This time I experienced the TOKIT mini smart electric oven. Mini and smart are the characteristics of this electric oven. Next, follow the author to experience this mini together. Smart products.

Miniature look cute

In any product, whether it is a home appliance or digital, the value of the face is very important. First look at the outer packaging of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven, which has the word TOKIT on it, which makes people remember it at a glance.

TOKIT smart oven review

Then unpack the box, and today’s protagonist is here. When I saw the TOKIT mini smart electric oven at first glance, I was attracted by its compact appearance. It is really very cute, with a black front, and the rest is white. It can be used in all kinds of home design. Is very nice.

TOKIT smart oven review

Its body size is 335 * 343.9 * 238.2mm, and it takes up very little space. You can put it on the corner of the table.
Take a look at the details of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven. It has a touch-sensitive control screen and consists of two buttons and knobs, which is very convenient to operate.

TOKIT smart oven review

The hollow handle design looks quite stylish.

TOKIT smart oven review

There are also hidden pull-out trays, and small debris when baking can fall on it, ensuring clean and hygienic use.

TOKIT smart oven review

Open the TOKIT mini smart electric oven, which has a carbon fiber heating tube. It is characterized by rapid heating, which can achieve an internal temperature of 180 ° C in 90 seconds, which greatly shortens the warm-up waiting time. At the same time, it can be found that the baking area of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven is not small. Its volume is 12L. Although the size of the body is small, the internal usable volume is not small at all, which is the same as the mainstream electric oven.

TOKIT smart oven review

Look at the details of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven and appreciate its design.

TOKIT smart oven review

The surface of its body is written with the time setting for baking various foods. At the same time, the surface has a clear reminder to remind people that this surface will have a high temperature phenomenon. It must be paid attention to when using it, which is really intimate.

TOKIT smart oven review

It is not difficult to find from the pictures that this electric oven has excellent workmanship, which makes people like it very much.

TOKIT smart oven review

On the back of the fuselage, you can see the parameters of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven, which shows the voltage and power. Its power is 1200W, and the manufacturer is pure rice.

In addition to the main body of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven, there are also some accessories, including grills, baking trays, anti-scald gloves and instructions.

Overall, the appearance of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven is very attractive. It has a compact design and does not take up a bit of space. It can be used in any home design and looks good no matter where it is placed.

Multi-functional performance

Although it is a mini electric oven, the TOKIT mini smart electric oven is quite powerful and basically the same as other electric ovens.

Talking about its functions, you can use it to bake toast slices, chicken wings, biscuits, nuts, of course, these are just some representatives. Any food you want to bake can be made with the TOKIT mini smart electric oven.

The three function keys in the operation area are also very convenient. The function keys can help you choose some functions, such as what food to cook. Then you can also set it yourself by customizing, and decide what you want to do. In addition, there is a special knob. By turning it, you can also choose the function you want, such as roasted chicken wings or toast slices.

There is one more thing that surprises me most. The TOKIT mini smart electric oven can be connected to WIFI and then controlled by mobile phone. This is really strong. The so-called intelligence is reflected in this. It is very simple to connect to the network. First download a TOKIT APP, enter it, then discover the device and bind it. You can see this TOKIT mini smart electric oven on the operation interface.

In this APP, you can achieve free control of this electric oven. Now that it has reached the smart age, you can put the food you want to bake in the oven beforehand, and then use the TOKIT APP to operate the phone. With a few taps, it will obey your instructions and start working. Through the TOKIT APP, you can also make an appointment. You are almost home after work. You can enjoy the delicious food as soon as you get home. You can make an appointment at your own time. As soon as the time comes, the TOKIT mini smart electric oven will automatically start working.

Summarize its functions, one sentence comment, it is a variety of functions, the performance is stronger. Although it is a mini electric oven, it has many functions. At the same time, mobile APP control can be realized. This is the first time I have seen such an electric oven product. This feature is very pleasant and makes people’s lives more convenient.

Very comfortable in actual use

Having said all this, now to really use this TOKIT mini smart electric oven, I choose to bake some delicious chicken wings.
Put the marinated chicken wings on the grill first, and set the grill according to the APP’s instructions.

TOKIT smart oven review

I choose to use the TOKIT APP to control the electric oven and choose to grill chicken wings. The following interface appears. You can see that it automatically gives the temperature and cooking time settings. Click in and you can also adjust the temperature and time. I directly started cooking, and then the TOKIT mini smart electric oven started to work.

During the cooking process, you can check the remaining time in real time through the TOKIT APP. At the same time, there is a pause button on the APP. If you need to stop, just press it lightly.
Of course, when the TOKIT mini smart electric oven is working, you can directly see its specific situation. Through the glass, you can see the chicken wings inside for baking.

TOKIT smart oven review

When the baking time is up, the delicious chicken wings are finished. Take it out and look, it looks good. Then taste the chicken wings, it is really delicious, it seems that the performance of TOKIT mini smart electric oven is really good.

TOKIT smart oven review

Through the use of this electric oven, I found that using comfort is the biggest experience. Just a few taps of the TOKIT APP can achieve perfect operation. This experience is too cool. Of course, through the operation interface of the TOKIT mini smart electric oven, you can also control it. After that, I baked small steamed buns by operating the knob, and the experience was very good.

Repeating its several advantages again, the first is the compact appearance of the fuselage, which does not take up extra space, but the internal baking area is large and very practical. The second is the direct operation of the mobile APP. With a few taps, it can work intelligently. The last is the baking effect. No matter what kind of food is baked, the TOKIT mini smart electric oven is very effective. 

Because it is equipped with a carbon fiber heating tube, it can achieve precise heat, not easy to bake, and can generate far infrared rays, which can heat the surface. It can also penetrate ingredients to allow energy to be transmitted to the inside of the ingredients, so that the baked food is healthier.