Toshiba U6900C 4K HDR Smart TV Review


Reason for purchase

Before I was ready to buy a TV, all I knew about TV was common sense in common sense such as screen size and resolution.
Let me first talk about my needs and circumstances. First, the budget is a hard indicator. The budget I set for myself is 5K, beyond this price, even if it is not good. Then there are your own usage needs. I personally prefer to watch movies. After I have a TV, I will transfer this part of the demand from PC and Mac to TV. There is also the display when playing switch.

Limited by movie resources and switch performance, the maximum resolution of these two is mostly 1080P, so TV resolution of 2K4K is not necessary for me, but most of the current TVs are equipped with 4K as standard. too much. More to consider are color gamut and motion compensation.

The color gamut is similar to that of a computer monitor, with a wider color gamut and better color display. For the color gamut, my personal experience is spoiled by the Mac display. Before, because the computer monitor was too old, there was a color difference in the Mac, so I changed the monitor. NTSC, the universal standard for TV color gamut. Some TV manufacturers use different standards, and each standard needs to be converted. In this regard, there are quite a lot of Baidu and the community, I will not say much.

Motion compensation is not a standard feature, but it is very useful for me. Motion compensation can make the TV not confusing when displaying some sports scenes, and the viewing experience is better. It is also this point that made me give up the TV of Xiaomi’s home and choose other TV brands.

Some students may have different needs. Some students may turn on the TV to watch variety shows and TV shows. For picture quality, they hope that TV has rich content resources. Different requirements also lead to completely different buying standards and decisions.

According to the budget, the color gamut performs well, with motion compensation. Under these three rigid conditions, the screen size is as large as possible. Choosing and choosing Toshiba’s 65U6900C.

Appearance Gallery

Toshiba’s TV looks positive, personally, it’s okay. I don’t care much about the frame, because the focus is on the content displayed on the screen, not the frame. Next is the thickness of the device. Some people may care about the thickness of the TV. My personal opinion is that the TV is not a mobile phone and will not be held in the hand for a long time. The thickness has no effect on my viewing experience.

Overall, I don’t have much problem with the appearance of this TV from Toshiba.

experience feelings 

Do you think I’ll watch a movie right away? Wrong, connected to the switch, and started to travel in Hailar (lv) you (you). Unlike PS and Xbox consoles, the graphics of the switch game will be worse, and Toshiba ’s TV can be said to have no pressure on performance.

Toshiba supports DLNA streaming media playback. If your WiFi supports DLNA, you can cast PC video content to the TV through a DLNA-capable player. Although it is very convenient, it is a bit uncomfortable that DLNA often has the problem of out-of-scale proportions. When I cast the pirate animation and movie, there are problems with the cropping of the screen. Therefore, this function seems very frustrating when the current projection screen function is very powerful.

Then spit the USB interface which is basically no egg. In the same case of convenient screen projection, you even told me that the USB interface can only read FAT, and the maximum is not more than 32G U disk. Limited by FAT, movie resources downloaded in mkv format cannot be read through the USB interface.

Next is the HDMI interface. The hdmi of this MacBook Pro I have is not 2.0. After customer service reminder, turning on HDMI2.0 on the TV and using a miniDP to HDMI cable still can not achieve a smooth 4K60HZ experience. On the computer monitor, I solved it with a miniDP to DP cable. I do n’t know if it ’s the line or the reason. At present, it can only be solved by casting a screen.

To sum up

The viewing experience is great, playing games and watching movies is a good choice. HDR and zone dimming make the picture better.

The system cannot install third-party apps by default, but there are ways to lift the restrictions. After installation, you can watch each David view, saving the set-top box.