Tovala Smart Oven Reviews


Tovala Smart Oven: Making home cooking easier

Tovala was first an oven

Smart oven Tovala has four cooking modes: Bake, Bake, Convection, and Steam.
Depending on the selected cooking method and recipe, the time is about 10-30 minutes, and the cooking temperature can reach 550 ° F.

Tovala Smart Oven Reviews

Then Tovala is a smart connected device

Users can establish a connection with the oven through the APP application provided by Tovala, and users can grasp the cooking time at any time through the smart mobile terminal.
Tovala also supports scanning of barcodes to configure cooking strategies

Tovala has professional kitchens and chefs, so their profit model not only makes money by selling equipment, but also makes money through light meals prepared in advance by Tovala. Each light meal can be enjoyed by up to 4 people.

Of course, Tovala also supports users to customize cooking strategies freely through APP, and then Tovala prepares cooking food for you.

Tovala Smart Oven Reviews

Tovala’s light meals and freely customized cooking foods are specially packaged with barcodes on the outer packaging. You only need to scan the barcodes on Tovala, put them in the food and press start.

Tovala’s app is dedicated to building a library of recipes, and their chefs offer six different dining options every week.